The Social Media and Multimedia Guide in France

The use of the internet in France and its penetration is amongst the highest in Europe. The multimedia space encompasses 80% of people being connected all over the country. We have witnessed a massive development in France’s technological space via the expansion of multimedia and the internet.

Most people have been marvelled with the rise of Uber system in France. But you need to keep in mind that this initiative has been made possible with the help of various multimedia and social media platforms.

Moreover, various of French SMEs have adopted the use of multimedia platforms and social media tools. A lot of companies in French are making use of these tools and Paris has emerged to be one of the cities that has a lot of Twitter users. The young generation has dominated the use of these media tools and making them to be embraced with various people in the country.

Since France is a tech hub, there is no doubt that it provides you with the best multimedia platforms. Its all about having the right players in the sector. And France has done that exceptionally well.

The Multimedia Private Individual

As mentioned before, France has been very innovative in creating the best tech tools. There have been some difficulties with the Passport 2.0 project survey when it comes to provide primary data online and on various media platform. However, there are main recommendations that are mainly based on secondary sources along with the observation of the Passport to Trade advisors alongside a good research team.

Nevertheless, we need to keep in mind that there are two largest social media platforms that include Facebook and Twitter. Above all, some of the social media platforms that have played a huge part in promoting multimedia space in France include:

  • Skyrock
  • Windows Live Profile
  • MySpace
  • casino en linge
  • Amsterdam-d Before Buddies
  • com
  • Viadeo
  • com
  • com
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

SMEs and Multimedia in France

The advancement of technology has propelled the increase of many SMEs in France with multimedia contributing a lot in the wake of making sure that these company reach a wider market. The France SMEs are now making use of the social media platforms to make sure that they strengthen their brand. Most of the popular platforms that they make use include: Viadeo along with LinkedIn with Facebook following closely amongst these platforms.

In addition, a lot of websites in France are now integrating links to their social media pages so that they will increase their clientele base. Moreover, the most used and preferred multimedia platforms involve Viadeo and LinkedIn. In case, you are wondering what really is Viadeo, well this is a popular social media platform in France. Most French people and business use it to market their local services and businesses.

In addition, the platforms are also for companies that have experience in international collaboration. This is a way of making sure that various French brand reach a global audience making use of the most exciting and innovative multimedia platforms that are developed in France and the world at large.