The 5 Types of Multimedia You Can Use in 2020

The word “multi” means that a lot of components are used. And, you might realize that you have been using the different forms of multi-media in your work.

There are different ways that a person can use to communicate. And, as a business owner you will need these forms to be able to fully convince your clients. Hence, you will find that most presentations are more effective when you use pictures, graphs and even videos.

Therefore, if you want your marketing effort to be fully effective, you will need to have an idea of what you will be doing.  And, this article is going to help you know more about the whole multimedia concept.

Using Text

Text is the most common and vital part of communication. Before there was everything else, there was the whole text concept. For example, back in the day, people would just place texts in newspapers without the whole concept of pictures for lariviera casino.

Additionally, text is used to accompany almost every multimedia component. Hence, you will find it in adverts, videos and picture. You can use it to help the audience have a better understanding of the point you are trying to describe

The Use of Pictures

Using pictures in your business marketing will give the target market an idea of thee point that you will be trying to put across. For example if you are a baker; putting a picture of your work on Facebook will give you more customers because they will have an idea of what you are good at.

And, with the advent of technology there are so many ways that you can place your picture online. For example, you can use thumbnails, icons and bigger pictures.  Also, the best part is that you can add your caption and describe to help you put your point across.


After typing the text, why don’t you try putting an audio that will help you give a full explanation of what will be going on? After all, an audio will help you put across things that you could not fully put across while using texts.

Also, the best part is that when you compress audio. And, once you compress it will be able to stream faster. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the audio quality; everything will be the same except the size.


Videos are the most fun part of your digital marketing.  You can get to experiment with so many ideas and still get to put your messages across. Also, unlike still pictures, motions picture do not need you to worry about doing a lot of explaining everything will be in the audio.

But, most people will be happy with using text at the end of their advert.  Additionally, a video is the best way to make sure that the message sticks. According to research, people will remember more the visuals more than the texts.

GIFS and Animation

Gifs are trending right now. Therefore, it could be a fun way of marketing your products. For example, using animations or cartoons can attract more audiences. After all, advertising give you room for all the creativity, fun and originality.