2020 Multimedia Apps for Your Android Phone

Due to the coming of technology there is a lot that is going on. And, this includes online casino gaming, YouTube, SnapChat, Facebook and so many more. But, the most fun part is that everything is just a click away.

Now that you can easily access anything from your phone, a lot of applications are being made to compliment the whole process. Therefore, when you get bored you can easily just swipe your way too fun casino gaming or sharing pictures on Instagram.

Here are a lot of some of the apps you can use for multimedia purposes on your android phone. Get to watch all the videos, text away, listen to music and use GIFs or animations in the process.


Although it seems cliché, Facebook is one of the most popular apps online right now in casino france. There are over one billion people to talk to and socialize with on this app. And, you can download it for free.  The application allows you to do anything, play games, watch or upload videos, conduct your business and so many more options. Therefore, join the Facebook no and join in the amazing fun.


With over 5 million downloads, Plex will help you connect with your friend and family easily. And, you can get to download it for free too.  The application will allow you to share photos, videos and music with your loved ones. Also, you can get to use the app on any of your android platform.

Double Twist

If you have ever dreamed of having your own podcast or making your own music, then you should be downloading this app right now. And, the best part of it all is that you get too download it for free. With almost 50 million downloads, there must be a lot of fun going on at Double Twist.

Tik Tok

There are over 100 million people on Tik Tom right now. Try not to be left out in the fun too. The application will allow you to upload, edit and view videos.  With so many editing effects and fun videos to watch, you will definitely have a lot of fun on Tik Tok

MX Player

Get to play all your video on this app and not feel left out from any video. After all MX Player is the 1st application that allows multi-core decoding. Additionally, because the application has a dual core, it performs 70% better than the single core platforms. With almost 500 million downloads, you can also download the application for free.


This application is one of the best applications you can download for your android phone.  Additionally, you do not get to use it on your phone alone; you can also use it on your PC.  And you will get all of this for free.


If you ever want to share your pictures and video only you can get to do it on SnapChat. Additionally, there are a lot of videos and photo effects that you can temper around with.  Therefore, do not miss out on the fun, download the app for free and start having fun.