Multimedia and Gaming Companies in France Guide

The northern side of France is actually the hotbed of the real multimedia talent. This side also consist of real expertise when it comes to video games, animation, graphics and mobile apps. The North side of France is the home to the best multimedia and gaming space. The real talent that you need in France to make your project a success is available. All you need is a guide on what exactly you are supposed to do for your project to be a success.

There are quite a number of multimedia and gaming companies that you can work with in France. And if you prefer the ones in Northern side of France your project will be done promptly without any glitches.

PICTANOVO: Digital Arts Cluster

The PICTANOVO digital and multimedia company was set up in 2003. This is a company that consist of professionals working together on image-based project. The team of professionals are dedicated in creating the best digital arts. Moreover, they mainly specialize on the following:

  • Gaming: Ankama, 3 DDUO, Kimple…
  • AR/VR: Wosomtech, Clap & Zap…
  • Audiovisual: Lylo, Transpalux, Reflets vidéo…
  • Design: Keyuz…


This is a brand-new hub for both digital and multimedia development and learning. The place offers an exciting and dynamic tech ecosystem that support multimedia in France. The French company consist of smart group of people with different expertise that are aiming to achieve the same goals. The company mainly afford to make sure it provides with all the necessities that are required in the tech and multimedia space for casino clic.

Their complex is 17,000 sq m and it comprise of the Urban Enterprise Zone. This zone brings together the following:

  • 3 Rubika Group schools offering world-class training for the creative arts
  • 3,000 sq m of business space for hothousing, incubation, etc.
  • A centre for applied research and cutting-edge technology transfer


If you have a passion in multimedia and digital tech this is the place that will give you all the experience that you require.  Pôle IIID is a reputable firm that will offer you the best services that include:

  • 3D designer
  • developers
  • digital filmmakers
  • Video game developer

This is a company that train its workers via their training program with great training facilities.

The multimedia company has done exceptionally well in making sure that they provide world class facilities in France. Some of the facilities include:

  • 1 campus in the very centre of Roubaix (Eurotéléport metro station) and 1 campus at La Plaine Images, which will eventually cover 1,500 sq m
  • 3 specialized training programs
  • 60 new students accepted each year
  • Almost 400 graduates have completed the program

Multimedia Taking Advantage of an Excellent Market

Setting up a multimedia and digital company in northern side of France is one of the greatest moves. This will map a way for you towards Europe’s largest consumer market. At the same time, it will give you a good nod on France investment as well as developing export booster for the country’s economy through multimedia technology.