Surface Options For Swing Set

Many parents love to install a swing set in their backyard or in the garden area so that their kids may enjoy playing it. Kids love to play with swing sets as it swings to and for which thrills them a little bit. Many house owners as well as people who are living is a multi residential complex or in a community space prefer to make their property more attractable and enjoyable for their children by installing the swing sets. But with the swing sets also comes the danger of falling over the ground which could lead to a possible injury for your children. Mentioned below are the some options as they demonstrate how you can save your child from getting injured.

Groundcover is necessary to use around the playing area as it makes the ground a safer place to have some fun.

Pea gravel: Pea gravel is an affordable option to use as a groundcover, though it doesn’t provide the maximum protection against the fall but can act as a little cushioning over the ground. It provides a natural look to your background and perfectly blends with the surroundings. It comes at a cheaper price and doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. Pea gravel will certainly increase the appeal of your playground but is not very helpful in providing the safety to your children.

Rubber mulch: Rubber mulch is another alternative which can be used as ground cover to provide safety to your children if they accidently fell on the ground. Rubber mulch is also very popular among many house owners as it is capable of providing a nice cushioned surface for your children if they fall on it. This material is also available on a cheaper price and requires low maintenance while using it. This rubber mulch is made from the car and truck tyres which are not used anymore. This makes rubber mulch also eco friendly to use as the tyres are recycled.

Play sand: Play sand also proves to be very helpful and is used as a ground cover for playing areas. Sand is the first choice of many people as it is capable of absorbing the fall. Sand is also affordable and comes at a cheaper price. Shallow sand doesn’t provide any kind of protection so it must be at least 1 foot thick layer of the sand which should be evenly distributed all across the playing area.

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