Suggestions for Persons Who Fail to Register for Medicare Part D

Suggestions for Persons Who Fail to Register for Medicare Part D

Open enrollment period ends on December 7 and, if you do not qualify for the special enrollment period, you will not be able to sign up for Part D until next October. Each week I receive calls from Medicare recipients, worried and discouraged. I was yelled at, insulted and threatened. To be frank, this does not bother me, but it made me want to write a blog post to assist people understand the options available when they fail to register for part D. Here are some ideas on how you can pay for prescribed medications.


In your search engine, look up the keywords “Prescription Coupons” and you’ll see hundreds of pages offering coupons on all imaginable drugs. You can also search for a certain medication by typing in your search engine “name of the medication” coupons. Another way is to contact the company that sells the drug and ask if you have a voucher to send. Most companies show good or interesting offers on their sites. It may seem very easy, however, the simplest solutions, sometimes, can be effective.

Medical assistance programs

There are many programs like these, some of which are state specific. These programs are not insurance policies, but they help reduce the cost of prescribed medications. It is necessary to apply and qualify for a utility. Upon arrival, you will usually receive a discount card that entitles you to discounts at pharmacies. The difficulty with these programs is that you may not be eligible for Part D after registering for a public service. These programs are designed for people who desperately need people who cannot afford prescription drugs or who offer franchises or Part D awards. There are also programs for seniors and programs for people under 65. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself before applying.

RX Assist is a program that I found only after 10 minutes of searching.

Pharmacy programs

Large supermarkets, such as HEB and Walmart, offer discount programs for pharmacies. By signing these programs, it is possible to obtain some (and not all) medications at significantly reduced prices. You will have to pay a small amount in advance to enroll in these programs, but you can get prescription drugs at extremely low costs (US $ 5.00 for 30 days in the HEB). Now, Walmart also listed a competitive program with some drugs for $ 4.

As you can see, there are options. Of course, my first advice is not to shout or shut down your agent before I can help you. You cannot understand your situation. You may be eligible for a special enrollment period. Eligible circumstances are generally things like leaving a coverage area that inadvertently leaves the Medicare Advantage plans 2020 at or other circumstances in addition to your control. Although I want to be able to move my magic wand and resolve the situation, that’s all. Some similarities include: not completing the ballot in time for an investigation, requesting a concession or grant after the final deadline or submitting a late work project. There are reasons for delays and it is not necessary to blame yourself, your agent or the government. Errors occur, but fortunately there are resources mentioned above for Medicare beneficiaries who can count if they forget to sign up for Part D.