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Changes and conditions of Medicare in 2019

Changes and conditions of Medicare in 2019

The Medicare program is available to citizens of the United States or beneficiaries with permanent residents over 65 years of age. In addition, you or your partner must have been employed for at least 10 years (40 quarters). Certain individuals below the age of 65 can also enjoy the benefits of Medicare if their physical challenge is of a particular nature and conforms to the laid down rules. Medicare Parts A and B are provided by the government of the country.

Part A:

Many elderly people do not pay for Part A, which guarantees hospital admissions, home care, nursing care and palliative care, because if you work, you will contribute to the system. There is a franchise of approximately US $ 1,316.00 and co-insurance after 60 days.

Part B:

This health insurance covers visits by physician and other health experts, home health care, outpatient care, permanent health facilities and certain preventive services rather than hospital care. The price is approximately US $134.00 and the franchise is US $183.00. Part B is intended for the government to pay about 80% of medical costs.

Part C:

Part C is referred to as Medicare Advantage; this combines parts A & B and provides extra benefits which can be provided by controlled medicines (eg, Part D) & visual or dental insurance. You cannot receive any reward (you still need to pay the premium in Medicare) or receive an additional reward based on earnings.

Part D:

Private insurers follow the Medicare insurance plan and cost between US $ 15 and US $ 100 per month. Each of them has a list of approved medications.

Medicare Options and Supplements:

Because Medicare does not cover all health care costs, these supplement plans, also known as Medigap, covers some or all the fees not included in Parts A and B. However, these plans do not guarantee the drugs and include premiums for Medicare Part A and Medicare. part B.Many people choose a combination of these solutions to get the widest possible insurance. For example:

  • Medicare supplement with Medicare Parts A, B and D (to supply prescribed medications)
  • Public Health Plan (Part C) with Medicare Parts A and B and most plans C include Part D (to guarantee prescribed medications)

Other facts about Medicare:

It is not possible to have a Medicare supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan.

The Part C or D plan may be modified annually within the annual enrollment period, which took place in 2018 from October 15 to December 7, 2017.Some seniors who qualify for Medicaid can only be eligible for the QMB (Qualified Medicare Beneficiary) status. In other words, they receive co-insurance and Medicare rewards, such as co-insurance, franchises or co-payments. Meanwhile, this state does not foresee other health costs. Providers authorized by Medicare do not have permission to guarantee the status of the QMB; Meanwhile, Medicaid can provide coverage for these accounts.Also note that if Medicare denies the premium as a safe service, the supplemental insurance will also be reduced. A notable example is an individual who requires transportation by ambulance to a medical center. The patient’s responsibility here is balance or the beneficiary can provide an answer with medical records that indicate medical needs for transportation.

Suggestions for Persons Who Fail to Register for Medicare Part D

Suggestions for Persons Who Fail to Register for Medicare Part D

Open enrollment period ends on December 7 and, if you do not qualify for the special enrollment period, you will not be able to sign up for Part D until next October. Each week I receive calls from Medicare recipients, worried and discouraged. I was yelled at, insulted and threatened. To be frank, this does not bother me, but it made me want to write a blog post to assist people understand the options available when they fail to register for part D. Here are some ideas on how you can pay for prescribed medications.


In your search engine, look up the keywords “Prescription Coupons” and you’ll see hundreds of pages offering coupons on all imaginable drugs. You can also search for a certain medication by typing in your search engine “name of the medication” coupons. Another way is to contact the company that sells the drug and ask if you have a voucher to send. Most companies show good or interesting offers on their sites. It may seem very easy, however, the simplest solutions, sometimes, can be effective.

Medical assistance programs

There are many programs like these, some of which are state specific. These programs are not insurance policies, but they help reduce the cost of prescribed medications. It is necessary to apply and qualify for a utility. Upon arrival, you will usually receive a discount card that entitles you to discounts at pharmacies. The difficulty with these programs is that you may not be eligible for Part D after registering for a public service. These programs are designed for people who desperately need people who cannot afford prescription drugs or who offer franchises or Part D awards. There are also programs for seniors and programs for people under 65. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself before applying.

RX Assist is a program that I found only after 10 minutes of searching.

Pharmacy programs

Large supermarkets, such as HEB and Walmart, offer discount programs for pharmacies. By signing these programs, it is possible to obtain some (and not all) medications at significantly reduced prices. You will have to pay a small amount in advance to enroll in these programs, but you can get prescription drugs at extremely low costs (US $ 5.00 for 30 days in the HEB). Now, Walmart also listed a competitive program with some drugs for $ 4.

As you can see, there are options. Of course, my first advice is not to shout or shut down your agent before I can help you. You cannot understand your situation. You may be eligible for a special enrollment period. Eligible circumstances are generally things like leaving a coverage area that inadvertently leaves the Medicare Advantage plans 2020 at or other circumstances in addition to your control. Although I want to be able to move my magic wand and resolve the situation, that’s all. Some similarities include: not completing the ballot in time for an investigation, requesting a concession or grant after the final deadline or submitting a late work project. There are reasons for delays and it is not necessary to blame yourself, your agent or the government. Errors occur, but fortunately there are resources mentioned above for Medicare beneficiaries who can count if they forget to sign up for Part D.

Senior Citizens fulfill your needs and rejoice to the fullest

Senior Citizens fulfill your needs and rejoice to the fullest

Extensive financial planning what is it for seniors above 65? It means you can meet various needs after retirement, as well such as Medicare Supplement Rates 2020 with
. On retiring, the period of earning comes to an end and in the era of today, you can have an open mind to look for financial instruments that will fulfill your needs even without your income. Stop worrying, you need not rely on your relatives or children for support with extensive financial planning.

  • The foremost is the money you earned for all these years should have been accurately invested to generate income
  • If you have already retired or it is time to retire in shortly, planning efficiently your finances takes your time.

Whether you need money for medicines, daily purchases or for medical check-up, shopping, vacation plan or so, you need to consider making investment and build wealth. It proves that financial proper planning ensures living in brilliant style your golden years.

Awesome Financial Tips in India

A few financial interesting guidelines to earn more income:

Let us now take a look at some of the interesting financial guidelines that will enable you to save your money and also earn additional income:

  • Consider annuity immediate options: Apply for life insurance policy offering instant annuities. Receiving a pension or an annuity from the plans is a quick income to meet your requirements. On this you also get tax deductions with these annuity schemes and choosing a pension for entire life is the best option. Sort your finances under a scheme such that you receive pension and in case of your absence, your spouse should receive it and on the death of both, the corpus reaches your heirs.
  • Senior citizens savings schemes: The saving schemes are designed exclusively for seniors. Arriving at 60 years means you can apply for this saving scheme. Here the money remains secure and also grow. Wealth increases and visiting a bank branch or the post office once is enough. On the maturity of the scheme, redeem the amount or as per your choice extend it for a few more years.
  • Small personal loan: In case you wonder how to visit Australia, your dream trip, all you have to do is get a small personal loan from bank and it can be repaid through installments. Take a loan, organize your vacation, apply as pensioner personal loan and rejoice to the fullest.

What You Need To Understand About the New Medicare Card

What You Need To Understand About the New Medicare Card

As citizens across the country receive new and safer Medicare cards via mail, lawyers warn against fraudulent people who try to get people to pay money or disclose personal information.

The government is gradually replacing Medicare cards for the 60 million people who are part of the federal health policy. Previously, the cards used the beneficiary’s social security number as a Medicare number, which represented a risk of identity theft. The congress commissioned a change in 2015.

“It took a lot of time, but it is in the works,” said Sue Greeno of the non profit center for Medicare advocacy.

The new cards use an 11-digit Medicare identifier that contains letters and numbers, such as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency that operates Medicare policy.

The card comes with a randomly assigned Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) consisting of 11 numbers and letters; and no social security number as in the current card.

Some differences with the new cards are:

  • Uppercase letters and numbers
  • The letters B, I, L, O, S & Z are not used to avoid confusing numbers with letters
  • Positions 2, 5, 8 and 9 are always letters.
  • There is no embedded logic
  • Each beneficiary is assigned a unique identifier.

All of the approximately 60 million Medicare beneficiaries will finally receive the card by mail. The emails started in April 2018 and will last one year.  What should you or the Medicare beneficiary know?You do not have to do anything to get the card. It will be sent to you automatically.Make sure Medicare has your current address so your card is delivered on time.The card can be in an envelope that looks like spam.Once you receive the card, destroy your old card and use your new card immediately.Do not worry if your friends have the new card and you do not. It takes some time to send all the cards.The new card is paper. You may want to laminate it.Bring the new card with you at your next health visit.If you forget to bring your new card, your doctor must be able to access your Medicare identification online.If you have a Medicare Advantage policy, you must maintain and use the map of that plan. However, keep both cards ready when you see your doctor.Beware of fraud (as recommended by the American Association of Retired Persons)

Scams related to the new card are already appearing. Some Medicare beneficiaries report receiving calls from scammers telling them to pay for the new card, and then asking for their current account and Medicare card numbers. Do not give a number!  “Anyone who says you should pay for card is a fraud,” says Paul Stephens, director of policy and advocacy at the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego. “In the case of CMS, they will never ask you to reveal your Medicare card number because they already know it.” Identity theft is increasing among those over the age of 65. Consider a Blue Cross Blue Shield advantage plan at


Seniors at the age of 65 and above can Actually Baby sit their Grandchildren

Seniors at the age of 65 and above can Actually Baby sit their Grandchildren

Babysitting is one of the worst task you can ever give to young people because they don’t have time to baby sit someone or children. Why is that so? It is basically because they don’t have time to baby sit and all they can do is hire someone do the baby sitting. If you have just retired and feeling like you will be bored because you don’t have anything to do at home, the best thing you need to consider doing is babysitting. Babysitting might not be an easy thing for a senior man but there are those that can actually do it well. There are a number of reasons why babysitting is good for seniors beyond the age of 65

Babysitting helps you create bonds with you grandchildren

Bonding with your grandchildren is the best thing you can ever experience and do after you have retired. With that idea in mind, it is important for you to consider babysitting so that you can have a feeling of how it feels to be around loving grandchildren. While babysitting, you could actually remember those times when you were raising your own children and good memories will certainly lengthen your stay on earth.  Find a Humana Medicare advantage plan at

Babysitting is fund and a source of satisfaction

Babysitting is fun because of two reasons. The first reason is that while babysitting, you will get into a conversation with the kids and you will be asked questions that are difficult to answer but funny. For example, a kid will ask you, “why is your hair grey?” Of course you have an answer to this question but it is not very easy to explain things to your grandchild basically because he/she may not be old enough to understand. The best thing to do here is to just laugh it off and tell them that they will understand it when they are old enough to understand.

Babysitting could earn you extra money and free lunch

In the event that you don’t have young grandchildren, you could offer to baby sit your neighbor’s child just to make sure that you spend your time well and earn something out of it. Someone will say that this is acting like a desperate person but it is not. It is all about spending your time in things that do not stress you up and in those things that gives you satisfaction.

Work Part-Time after your Retirement if you still have the Energy

Work Part-Time after your Retirement if you still have the Energy

In some countries seniors are allowed to retire at the age of 60 years. At the age of 60 one can still work and earn some money. If you have just retired and still feel like you can still work and earn some money, then you need to do it provided that you work for less hours to avoid fatigue that may cause problems in the near future. Working part time is the best option for those who still feel like they can actually work and for those that feel like that they are not tired enough to retire. There are a number of benefits of working part-time after you retire from your pensionable. Get quotes here for medicare advantage plans for 2019

It earns you extra money to avoid eating into your pension money

For those who have decided to work after their retirement, you will agree with me that working part-time is one way of making sure that you have money to meet you daily expenses. There are those small expense that will always eat into our pension money. It is very crucial to make sure that we always try to save our pension money so that we can start using them during that time when you feel like your energy has dwindled. If you are still young then save your pension money by working over-time and earn something from it.

Working over-time is a source of pass time

Sometimes, we get worried when we think of having 24 hours at our disposal yet we have nothing to so as to spend it. It is important to work overtime so that you can shorten the number of hours that you could have spent idle. Being idle is sometimes frustrating to those people who have always loved their work and always feel like their retirement came too soon. To reverse that, you need to consider working over-time so as to continue having that feeling of being useful.

Work Part-time at a community center

If you are a senior who has just retired, you can actually work part-time at a community center where you will feel like you are giving back to the community. As much as you will be working with the aim of giving back to the community, you will receive a token of appreciation that will cover your daily expenses like food and travel expenses.

What to do if your Medicare advantage plan is suspended?

What to do if your Medicare advantage plan is suspended?

If your Medicare advantage plan is no longer used, you may want to know how this can be done and what you can do. Here is some information for you.  As a general rule, Medicare advantageal plans (Medigap) are “guaranteed to be renewable”. This means that, even if you develop new health conditions, your plan can not decide that it will no longer insure you. However, there are situations in which you may lose coverage, as explained below.

Why can my Medicare advantage plan be suspended?

There are several reasons why your Medicare Advantage Plan (Medigap) would no longer be available to you. For instance:

  • Your Medicare insurance firm closed their business
  • Your Medicare advantageal insurance goes bankrupt
  • The coverage of your Medicare advantage ended without your fault.

However, there are situations in which you may lose your Medicare Advantage Directive because of something you have done. E.g.

  • You have not paid the monthly premiums for your Medicare advantage plan
  • You have falsified your application for the plan

Can I get a Medicare advantage plan if my plan gets canceled?

If your Medicare advantage plan is suspended for reasons beyond your control, you may have a guaranteed issue right to buy any of the Medicare advantage plans sold in your state: i.e. Plans A, B, C, F, K or L. (For most states, Medicare advantageal plans have letters.) Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Minnesota have their own standardized plans. If you are in one of these states, you can contact your state insurance department.  A guaranteed issue right implies that an insurance company cannot deny you a Medicare advantage plan. It cannot charge you more due to your health situation. Also, it cannot set conditions on your policy, such as: making a statement that it will not cover your health status. If my Medigap plan is discontinued, wow long do I have to get a new plan?

If you still want this type of coverage, you must request a new Medicare advantageal policy within 63 days after the end of coverage.  Do you have questions about Medicare advantageal plans? If you want to start navigating right now, the Compare plans or Search plans buttons show the plan options in your location. The descriptions of products and services provided on the websites do not constitute sales, offers or requests related to a product or service. All products may not be available in all areas and are subject to laws, rules and regulations.  If you cancel your Medicare advantage plan, you may not be able to get the same Medicare advantage plan if you later decide that you have a Medicare advantage plan in addition to your Medicare Part A and Part B insurance.  The purpose of this communication is to request insurance. The contact is made by an insurance agent / manufacturer or an insurance company.  Medicare advantageal insurance plans are not affiliated with or endorsed by the federal Medicare program the US government.

Medicare Loophole: In the Hospital

The status of your hospital, whether you’re in-patient or out-patient, affects the premium of your hospital services, and may also affect your ability to receive Medicare treatment after a hospital stay at a qualified care facility.

You become an inpatient beginning from when you are officially hospitalized by the order of a doctor. Your last inpatient day is the day before your discharge.

You are an outpatient if you use emergency rooms, outpatient surgery, observation services, laboratory tests, x-rays, or other hospital services, and the doctor has not ordered you to be taken to a hospitalized hospital. In these cases, you are an outpatient, even when you are hospitalized overnight.  Get a supplement plan at

The two-midnight rule

CMS has adopted the two-midnight rule for approvals starting on or after October 1, 2013.

In general, the two-midnight rule states that:

Inpatient admissions are usually payable under Part A if the receiving physician expects the patient to require hospitalization with two midnight nights and the medical record supports this reasonable expectation completely.

Observation services:

Observation Services are services for hospital outpatients that you receive while your doctor decides whether to be hospitalized or discharged. It may extend over several nights in the hospital. This is usually a complicated medical decision based on your need for medically necessary hospital treatment and the judgment of your doctor. This is expected to take at least two or more midnight.

Why it matters:

According to Part A of Medicare, all Inpatient Hospitalization benefits are fully covered by the deductible of Medicare Part A.

If a patient needs after acute care treatment, such as in a nursing home, Part A will cover the first 20 days at a cost of $ 0 after a three-day inpatient stay in a hospital.

Observation stays that fall under Part B coverage, may involve several different services such as emergency department, laboratories, tests, and x-rays. Under Part B, one beneficiary is responsible for 20% of the cost of every single service.

Though not a single outpatient service, copay will be more than $ 1,200 for in-patient hospitals, total co-payments for all services can add up easily. In addition to this bill, there could be non-coverage of medications you receive in the observation status.

Until last August, many people did not even know that they were not hospitalized as inpatients until they received invoices for outpatient services only a few weeks later.

A current law on transparency:

President Obama in August 2015 signed the Notice of Observation Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility Act, which requires hospitals to notify Medicare beneficiaries in writing within 24 hours of receiving the care. The notification will include:

  • refusal of admission;
  • possible financial impact; and
  • Reasons for refusal of admission

Medicare beneficiaries are playing an increasingly important role in understanding and managing their own health care. Make sure that when you or a relative is hospitalized, you know what level of care you are on. Not asking doctors about your admission status can be a costly mistake.

Medicare Part A Does Not Equal Medicare Plan A

When it comes to the supplement plans A, many get confused and some even believe that it is the same as Medicare part A. These two A-parts and plans are different on many levels and it is important for your health insurance as well as your pocket, to not confuse the two.

What is Medicare Part A?

Medicare part A covers inpatient care, such as services you would get while straying at a hospital, nursing facility home and care that you would get within your own home. If you or your spouse have been paying taxes for Medicare for over 10 years, the Medicare part A coverage will be free of charge. There are also several other criteria that would make you eligible for a free-of-charge Medicare Part A, such as being eligible for social security benefits at the age of 65, or if younger having social security benefits due to a disability for over 24 months. If none of the cases apply, Medicare Part A can also be “bought”, by paying monthly premium. What the rate will be will depend on your own situation. Those who have been paying taxes for Medicare for less than 30 quarters, have a standard premium of 422$. Those who have been paying taxes above the 30 quarters time period, get a less expensive premium rate of 232$. To have Medicare part A, in most cases, you would also need to get Medicare part B medical insurance.

What is Medicare (Supplement) Plan A?

Medicare Supplement planA Medicare supplement plan, is health insurance you cannot get directly from Social Security. IT is a plan that is offered by private health insurance companies, as an addition to a Medical part A or/and Part B. As Medicare original parts A and B don´t really cover all of the expenses, supplement plans are offered by private health insurance companies to help fill in those gaps. What an original Medicare doesn´t pay, can be covered for by a supplement plan. Supplement plans cannot be bought separately, to be able to enroll into one of these you must have Medicare part A and/or B first.

Medicare supplement plan A will fill in the following gaps:

  • It will cover for coinsurance payments for in-hospital care, as Medicare part A doesn´t cover these costs to 100%
  • It will cover for any copayments or coinsurance expenses of Medicare part B
  • It will cover for the first thee pints of blood, which aren´t covered by Medicare Part A or B. The original Medicare part A or B cover only after the patient has paid for the first three pints of blood themselves
  • It will cover for coinsurance and copayment expenses of Medicare part A

As you can see, the Medicare supplement plan A is an addition to the Medicare original part A, and it covers for what the other one doesn´t. For many patients, it is easier and cheaper to pay for the supplement plan premium rate, rather than have to pay for these expenses out of their own pocket each time a health care service is required.

Medicare Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Medicare is a very essential part of handling hospital bills for people who are 65 and above and those who are disabled. However, not everything is covered by these plans and one needs to be aware of the out of pocket costs of Medicare.


Medicare benefits come with premium costs. On an average, Medicare beneficiaries pay a monthly premium of $134 as per 2018. However, the premium amount is set differently for different beneficiaries. High income beneficiaries pay a higher premium whereas some social security beneficiaries pay lower premiums.

Deductible and coinsurance.

Medicare Part B has a $183 deductible as per 2018. Post this amount, the beneficiaries are required to cover 20 percent of their doctor’s service costs. No limit is set on the amount you might need to pay from your own pocket so these extra charges can amount up to big numbers in case of frequent need of health services. Some preventive screening and regular health visits once a year is allowed by the Medicare plans. However, in case of detection of any problem during these visits, following medical services will require you to pay additional costs.

Long Hospital stays.

In case of hospitalisations, Medicare part A has a $1,340 deductible. The cost of hospital stays increases with increasing number of days. For first 60 days, the hospitalisation charges are covered but for days 61 to 90, you need to pay $335 per day. This cost increases to $670 after that period for next 60 lifetime reserve days. After you have exhausted these days as well, you have to pay your hospital costs on your own.


Supplemental insurance plans.

Some people choose to take additional Medicare Supplement Plan to cover the additional costs that original Medicare plan doesn’t cover. These plans need you to pay additional premiums but make your post retirement hospital expenditure more predictable. The other option taken up by people is Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan makes you eligible to receive Medicare part A and B benefits through a private insurance plan in place of the original Medicare.

Prescription drug coverage.

Each prescription drug coverage plan provides with varying prices and coverage. An average plans charge is $33.50 per month as per 2018 and is permitted to charge additional deductibles of up to $405. An annual change in prices and covered medications demands for a careful analysis and comparison of different plans every year to get the best benefits for least money.

Late-enrollment penalties.

The first enrolment period of seven-months begins three months prior to your 65th birthday. An inability to enrol during this period results in late enrolment penalty if you are enrolled with Medicare. If you aren’t a part of Medicare because of your enrolment in group health insurance provided to you through your or your spouse’s job then it is necessary to sign up for Medicare within a time span of eight months post resignation or retirement to dodge these penalty charges.

Excluded Medical Services.

You will need to budget for commonly needed medical services that original Medicare doesn’t cover, including eyeglasses, contact lenses, dental care and hearing aids. Most significantly, Medicare only covers up to 100 days of nursing home care, after which you will become responsible for further long-term care costs.